Four years after the Brexit referendum vote, the future trading relationship between the UK and the rest of the EU remains uncertain with the Government and EU leaders under pressure to reach an accord before the post-Brexit transition period expires on December 31st 2020. Many of our clients have wondered what impact disentangling the UK […]

  For businesses big and small, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has placed considerable downward pressure on the supply and demand of goods & services and has caused severe disruption to all parts of the UK economy. Our thoughts are with all our clients at this time, especially those whose businesses have suffered from [...]
Having signed up with Cost Care in February 2015, a stationary manufacturer has received over £48,000 in tax relief following our review of their Research & Development activity. Last year, our retrospective review found over £295,000 worth of expenditure in the two previous years. The next year saw an even bigger spend, resulting in the [...]
Introduced to Cost Care by their accountant, a Shrewsbury based retailer has received £125,000 in R&D Tax Credits following our review of their R&D activity over the past two years. The refunds can allow companies to invest further in new and innovative new products and processes. With more projects ongoing, there should be plenty more to [...]
Following Cost Care's review of two accounting periods for a Kent based Stationary Manufacturer, HMRC have repaid over £210,000 in corporation tax. The Cost Care technical team met with the company in early February and by the start of March the detailed report was finalised. Just four months after signing up with Cost Care, HMRC [...]
A door manufacturers based in Greater Manchester has received almost £30,000 in tax refunds from HMRC for a recent R&D claim made over the last two financial periods. Cost Care's technical report was submitted along with a revised CT600 and within 5 weeks they were reaping the rewards for their great work. You too could be [...]
A Shrewsbury based fabricators has received just under £25,000 in a tax credit, as well as having their corporation tax liability reduced by over £2,000. The company, referred to us by another happy client in the same area, surrendered losses in order to take a cash injection. Having been signed up in mid-December, it took [...]
After signing up with Cost Care late last year, a lighting manufacturing in Yorkshire has received just over £25,000 in tax refunds for the first two years of their R&D claim. Following assessment of their projects, our R&D team produced a technical report and claim calculations that were submitted to HMRC and approved within a [...]
A Technical Consultants in the South East has reduced their tax bill by over £30,000 for their latest financial year thanks to our R&D expertise. Since signing up with us in early 2013, the company has increased it's R&D expenditure by over 600% leading to higher deductions to their corporation tax. In the 5 years we [...]
A fabricators based in the north of England has received a benefit of almost £200,000 from our review of their Research & Development activity. The benefit, based on expenditure identified over two years, saw their corporation tax liability reduced to nil with further losses to be offset in future years. The company were introduced to [...]