The Process

    1. On receipt of the completed Agreement and accountant authority, a request is made for the P&L account’s, CT600’s and tax computations for the two retrospective year ends and payroll (if applicable)
    2. An initial assessment will be conducted by our R&D Technical team to ascertain whether you have undertaken qualifying activity. Once Cost Care has established qualifying R&D has taken place (often the required information can be elicited over the phone or via email therefore a site visit will not always be necessary)
    3. A dedicated Technical Consultant will then be assigned to your case. He/she will be responsible for the technical report, detailing the qualifying projects and associated expenditure
    4. The technical report and financial schedules, together with the suggested amendments to the CT600, will be delivered to your accountant in order to prepare the returns. HMRC will then forward the technical report to the appropriate R&D unit and should they have any queries, these will be addressed to Cost Care, who take full responsibility for all enquiries relating to the R&D claim
    5. The company will either receive a tax repayment or a reduction in the tax liability within approximately 6 weeks (during busier months such as March and December, this can be increased to up to 8-10 weeks for some Units)
    6. Upon receipt of funds/acknowledgement of the amendment, Cost Care will invoice for payment. If the claim is unsuccessful then no fee is payable. That is why it is in our best interests to look after your best interest and provide an accurate and professional service.