R&D Tax Credits – Case Studies

Here we have highlighted a few examples of our work, with the benefits our clients have experienced as a result.

Clothing manufacturer receives £65K

Our client is a clothing manufacturer based in the South of England. The client’s accountant had previously been of the opinion that there were no eligible activities. Following a referral, our consultants were able to identify several eligible projects which resulted in a lump sum cash benefit to the client of £65,000.”

Plastics & Polymers company receives £184K

“Our client one of the world’s leading designers, formulators and manufacturers of tailor-made solutions in polyurethane, epoxy and silicone thermoset resin systems. On behalf of their accountant we successfully identified considerable R&D activity resulting in a lump sum payment of over £184,000.”

Accountancy firm receives in excess of £26K

“Whilst not the traditional type of R&D company, following analysis of the company’s policies and procedures it became clearly evident to our consultants that there was R&D qualifying activity. Several software projects were identified which in turn generated a refund in excess of £26,000.”