Introducer Services

With aggressive competition and other 3rd parties contacting your clients, can you afford not to offer a comprehensive R&D Tax Credits and Capital Allowance service?

The choices are: either try and bring the work ‘in house’ by employing costly additional staff – by carrying out the work yourself you effectively must become ‘experts’ in multiple industries – or to refer such work to a specialist.  

Today Cost Care has approximately 1500 introducers who are happy to work with us on the same contingency basis that we have always applied to our business services.  This enables us to explain to your clients that firstly, there will be no costs other than in the event of a successful claim and secondly, that even in the event of a successful claim, the only fee charged will be ours.

Cost Care is committed to the development of the professional introducer market and by combining our friendly approach with traditional client service we provide a valuable professional service to introducers and their clients. Our typical introducer is an accountancy practice employing between 8 and 50 people although we also have a good number outside of these parameters, both larger and smaller.  With the typical broad spectrum of the client base of our introducers, it would not usually be economically viable to employ these skills in house, nor warrant the time spent by senior partners/directors. We also take full responsibility for dealing with HMRC queries pursuant to the claim, including where necessary attending HMRC instigated meetings at the client’s premises, should this be necessary.

As a firm committed to servicing our introducers we understand your need to defend your client bank from other firms pointing out tax allowances that could have been claimed.  To this end we can provide an audit of your client bank to ensure that it is protected. If you are an accountant or solicitor and want to offer more to your client, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our services could work for you.

How our service works

  • Contact the Business Development Dept at or by telephone on 0161 904 0044 with client contact details, approximate payroll costs, brief description of client’s trading activity and web address is applicable.  It is preferable, though not essential, that this introduction is made to us at least 3 months prior to the client’s year end.
  • A member of our Business Development Team will contact the client in order to establish viability of any potential claim, explain our contract terms and deliver the contract to the client.
  • On receipt of the signed contract we will contact you again to request more detail financial information – last 2 years accounts, last 2 years CT600’s, P11’s and P35.
  • A dedicated Technical Consultant will then be assigned to your case.  He/she will be responsible for the technical report, detailing the qualifying projects and associated expenditure.
  • The technical report and financial schedules, together with the suggested amendments to the CT600, will be delivered to you in order to prepare the returns.  HMRC will then forward the technical report to the appropriate R&D unit and should they have any queries, these will be addressed to Cost Care, who take full responsibility for all enquiries relating to the R&D claim.
  • Subject to any query, if raised by HMRC’s R&D unit, the client can expect to receive their tax benefit within 4-6 weeks of submission.
  • Cost Care will explain to the client that any tax advice resulting from the claim will be the responsibility of the accountant or tax advisor and that Cost Care will be responsible for payment of accountancy fees as pre-agreed between us and the accountant.
  • The client will be invoiced for our contingency based fee on receipt of the tax benefit and following payment by the client, the introducer will invoice for their pre-agreed fee.