Comprehensive R&D Tax Relief and Capital Allowance services – For Accountants

Our accountant partnership programme is designed to assist with complex R&D tax relief and capital allowances claims for those accountancy firms that lack the necessary resources or expertise. Many accountants are busy carrying out core financial activity and lack the time and human resources to make complex claims for their clients. This is where Cost Care Tax comes in and why over 1,500 accountants trust Cost Care Tax to deliver value for their clients.

Reasons why accountants would choose to outsource this work:

  • They don’t have the time – and are focused on core accountancy activities
  • They have a large number of clients seeking complex R&D and capital allowance tax relief claims
  • Typically these tax reliefs will only apply to a relatively low percentage of a general accountancy practice’s clients, making it uneconomical to bring that expertise in-house
  • They want to adopt a proactive approach, to avoid having their clients being approached by direct sales companies

Why work with Cost Care Tax?

Cost Care Tax has been in the specialist taxation business for 25 years and has successfully reclaimed millions of pounds in R&D tax relief and capital allowances for thousands of businesses by working in partnership with over 1,500 accountants. We build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with each of our partners and whilst we typically work with accountancy practices employing between 8 and 50 people, we can assist and advise no matter what the size of the practice. Whether you’re a one-man band or a nationwide corporate accountancy practice, we can maximise tax relief for your clients.

You’ll have your own dedicated Account Manager who will manage your client’s claim from start to finish and will take responsibility for dealing with HMRC, so you don’t have to. Our team of highly-skilled tax professionals work tirelessly to maximise each claim and to ensure our technical reports and financial calculations stand up to HMRC scrutiny. A brief meeting or a call with a Cost Care Tax specialist is all it takes to assess whether your client is eligible to claim R&D tax relief or capital allowances.

What’s in it for you?

  • No risk to your business with our no claim – no fee charging structure
  • Improve client acquisition and retention by offering a comprehensive R&D tax relief and capital allowance service to your clients
  • A long lasting relationship with a tax partner you can trust, giving you peace of mind
  • You will be kept informed of progress on every case, with full transparency of both claim calculations and technical narrative
  • A percentage of our fee is delivered to you on receipt of fees from your client
  • Cost Care Tax take full responsibility for any HMRC queries pursuant to your claim.

We will speak to any client, large or small and even if we determine that there is no qualifying expenditure, at the very least, your client goes away with valuable advice to help them to make informed business decisions in the future, comfortable with the reassurance that they are not missing out on a potential claim.

What services do we provide?

R&D tax relief

We’ve successfully claimed back £millions in R&D tax relief for thousands of clients and worked closely with accountants to make sure the value of each claim is maximised. Our tax specialists are experts in SME R&D tax relief, RDEC and patent box and are happy to have a no obligation, exploratory conversation with any client, large or small.

Learn more about our R&D tax relief service and how we take the workload away from clients and accountants through our streamlined claims process.

Capital allowance on commercial property

Cost Care Tax have been preparing reports for our partner accountants’ clients since 2000 with average additional allowances of £99,000 identified per client. We are one of the longest standing operators in this market and have overseen many changes in legislation over our time in business.

Mandatory pooling, introduced in 2014, has added more urgency to early identification of unclaimed allowances at the point of property acquisition, as from this date it is the seller who must pool the allowances. Acquisitions of properties prior to this date are largely unaffected and there is no time limit on making a claim.

All preparation of our reports, including the survey, are carried out by our in-house team and as with our R&D tax relief service, our fees are contingent on a successful claim.

Learn more about our capital allowance service.

How do we work with accountants?

Getting to know you

  • We’ll organise an introductory meeting or call to understand your needs and the needs of your clients
  • You’ll learn how our claims processes work and what financial information we require to make a claim
  • We will agree a fee that delivers value for money for your business

Understanding your client

  • With your permission, we will contact your client and establish the viability of their claim before arranging a contract
  • On receipt of the signed contract, we will contact you again to request detailed financial information
  • A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to the case who will manage the financial calculations, prepare the technical report and conduct any necessary liaison with HMRC.

Open and honest communication throughout the claims process

  • You’ll be kept in the loop at each stage of the claim
  • Open, honest and transparent communication
  • Cost Care Tax will explain to the client that tax advice resulting from the claim will be the responsibility of their accountant and that you, not Cost Care Tax, will submit the revised tax return


  • We will pay you a percentage of our pre-agreed fee once payment is received from your client

Get in touch

If you would like to talk to one of our tax specialists about making complex tax claims on behalf of your clients, contact the business development team at or call 0330 128 0044.