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R&D Tax Credits – Furniture Manufacturer in Doncaster receives benefit of £48,000 in Research & Development Tax Relief

01 November 2016

Having signed up with Cost Care in February 2015, a stationary manufacturer has received over £48,000 in tax relief following our review of their Research & Development activity. Last year, our retrospective review found over £295,000 worth of expenditure in the two previous years. The next year saw an even bigger spend, resulting in the…

R&D Tax Credits – Significant Research & Development spend gives Medical Retailer at large cash injection

31 August 2016

Introduced to Cost Care by their accountant, a Shrewsbury based retailer has received £125,000 in R&D Tax Credits following our review of their R&D activity over the past two years. The refunds can allow companies to invest further in new and innovative new products and processes. With more projects ongoing, there should be plenty more to…